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Wasn't it only about ten days ago that I was talking with people about Drew's requests for alumni donations and how happy I was that they didn't know where I am?

Well, Drew has found me. I had a donation request in Saturday's mail, and a copy of Drew Magazine in today's. I do like reading the magazine, but I'm personally in some sort of contact with nearly everyone I'm interested in, and none of us give our information to the class secretaries.

I suspect this means that Medfest is making their information available to the university records; either that or someone I know got annoyed at me and turned me in. ;-)

I'll have to move now, to get away from them.


Nov. 23rd, 2004 12:08 am (UTC)
Didn't y'all (from work) once determine that to not get junk mail you had to be squatting on someone else's land out in Montana, in an abandoned place or a place you built by hand, stealing power and all other services, independantly wealthy all in cash (absolutely no ownership or accounts or credit) and/or working only under the table, ever, and you would have to have never been enrolled in school or tested for anything...no ss card, no tax identity, never been claimed on someone else's taxes as a dependant, never employing anyone else or contracting any deliveries or services...