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Well, I did eventually make it safely home last night, although not nearly as quickly as I might have liked. I'd really like to know what was going on in Albany this weekend, though. In order to avoid the usual traffic in Connecticut, I traveled up the NY Thruway (87) to the Mass Pike (90), which cross about ten miles below Albany. On both trips, there were miles of slow and stopped traffic leading toward Albany on both highways. Yesterday, in fact, when I'd cleared through an hour of stop-and-go traffic, I finally got to where I could see the signs for the split in the road, and all the traffic was merging down into the right lane for Albany. I was worried that perhaps my exit to go south was closed, and I just couldn't see the sign or the barrier. Finally I pulled into the left lane, and just took it slowly. There were no closures. It's just that there were thousands of people going to or through Albany!

My brother did manage to finish watching all of Firefly in just over 24 hours. He also found the news that the movie has been put off from April until September. Even aside from the copious Firefly, we spent a lot of time hanging out and talking. Both of us are introspective, and have spent a lot of time figuring out what factors have gone into making us who we are, and how to change or cope with the parts we don't like. It's interesting to compare notes and see how we've reacted differently to some of the same events, personalities, and pressures. [1] We also discussed blogging. Don't know if he'll have a look here. He's at blogspot, and I found it worth reading - he's much more entertaining than I am.

Otherwise, the Annual Familial Interlude was uninspiring, but also uneventful. My mom managed not to annoy me by proselytizing the Great Cult of Weight Loss, which was what I'd been dreading. My dad and I exchanged thoughts on some of the books he's been reading, and I think I may have finally managed to get across to both of them that just because I express a strong opinion about something doesn't mean that I think everyone else should have that opinion. It may perhaps have helped that they heard me discuss a wide variety of topics with Alex, where we each had interest in the other's opinions even while having our own. Mostly, though, we ate and geeked out, each in our own ways and separate rooms.

I ended up talking to my dad about politics on Sunday morning, and I ended up leaving later than I had planned. Among other things, we discussed the possibility of the draft, and he told me a little more than I'd heard before about how he managed to get Conscientious Objector status. He wasn't a test case, but he still had to work hard for it.

So, other than the Great Boredom of traffic [2], that was the weekend. Quite satisfactory, if unimpressive.

[1] For those who find astrology fun: my parents are both Taurus, an earth sign. [3] I'm Leo (fire), in case anyone somehow missed that. My brother is Libra (air). His girlfriend's an Aries (fire). We were actually discussing sign interaction, and I mentioned that while I know a lot of Libras, and generally get along well with them, I just don't understand the way any of the air signs think. I can know someone well enough to predict exactly what he's going to say or do, but I still don't truly understand them. Alex thought about it, and he sees the same things I've noted both in him and in others, and he says it's because the way he thinks just doesn't make sense, even from the inside. He'll be proceeding along a clear, reasonable path, and then suddenly take an apparently illogical action, for no reason that I can see at all. He says generally he can't see any logical reason for it at all either - it's like the logic stream suddenly hiccups and strange things happen, and he can't for the life of him figure out why even when he's just done it.

[2] I sent text messages to a bunch of people from one snarl.

[3] In addition, my dad is passive-aggressive and my mom is an enabler. It took me a long time to figure that out, because neither of them is as bad as others I've known. This, with other experiences, has left Alex as basically a true passive; he waits for others to tell him what to do, and he tries too hard to make people like him. (All of that is from his comments to me, not my observations.) On the other hand, I put myself through passive-aggressive hell, and have recently been working to purge it from my own system and retrain myself to be a blunt, outspoken, true aggressive... and damn, does it feel good! *grin* As I said, very interesting to see how the same influences shape different personalities.
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