Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

Well, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, much though I feel like I have. My boss been making a lot of comments about cracking down on internet usage, so I've been mostly offline at work. I don't think he's been tracking what we've been doing so far, but it seems like a good idea to be careful.

The downside to slightly obsessive list-making is a slight obsession with crossing things off the list. Last night at midnight I was wandering around the house trying to find things I could do quickly and quietly so that I could get a couple more things off my huge To Do Before Christmas list. I really have a lot more done than the list reflects, because a lot of it is half-finished.

My parents' holiday plans are finally set, and it looks like the family Christmas is going to be Wednesday next week, down at my grandparents' as usual. I need to ask my boss if I can leave work a couple of hours early that day, since it's about a two hour drive. My brother's bringing his girlfriend up, and I'm looking forward to meeting her. Not sure if I should be bringing a present for her, though.

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