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2004 Month by Month Meme

Copy and paste the first sentence of the first post of every month of 2004.

January: I suppose everyone's heard the song, but even a lot of Christians don't realize that it's related to the Christian religious calendar.

February: Hey, this is working better than when I tried it the other week!

March: I had meant, yesterday, to post something about Sadie Hawkins.

April: A Wizards of the Coast special today: Typos of Doom

May: Seems like the latest worm making the rounds is really a big deal.

June: Thank goodness for a three-day weekend.

July: This one sounds about half on to me...

August: I guess this makes me an anti-social entity, really...

September: I can never decide if I like Ginny's vacation days or not.

October: I spent most of last weekend in the DC area.

November: I'm slightly annoyed that I didn't get a sample ballot in the mail.

December (locked post): About an hour ago, my nerves kicked in, worrying about the interview Friday.

(unlocked post): It's the time of year for goodies at the office.

picked up from tristam - I was looking for a way to do a year in review, and this seems as good as any, but much easier than the ideas I'd had.