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I've been terribly frustrated with my hair recently. It had been too long since my last haircut, and it was up to its usual tricks of curling strangely and sticking out sideways, and generally being too fluffy. I was thrilled to get in for a haircut on Saturday, to fix the problems. However, apparently the length was not the problem, and it has just reached a new level of annoyance. I may have to give in and start using some sort of product on it. At least I don't have to worry about giving it life and body, since it's got quite enough of its own. I just wish it were compatible with my life and body!

It's my mom's fault, of course. It's definitely her hair. However, on her, the fluffy unruly hair is snow-white, and conveys a general impression of cute little absent-minded professor - which is undoubtedly enhanced by in fact being a cute little absent-minded professor. On me, it produces a rather different effect, and I just look rather unkempt.

It's been getting progressively wavier as time goes on. My brother's hair has a tight, stiff wave, and my grandmother's is practically curly. I wonder, a little, if mine would look like theirs if I had it that short, or what it's going to be doing in twenty years.

Meanwhile, I think sometimes about playing with the color a little. You'd think I would have learned my lesson back in college, when I learned first that blondes really don't have any more fun, and then that cheap brown dye on top of cheap blonde dye on top of Sun-In yields mottled blue, not my natural color. I did learn from that, though, and I wouldn't do anything that extreme.

Six weeks or so ago, I was in the grocery store with amy_pearlman and we stopped for a long while in the hair dye aisle, as she debated whether to get her usual color or try something different. I looked at all the colors, trying to pick one that not only I liked, but that wouldn't be too obviously fake on me. Then, after I settled on one I liked, I realized that I don't really know what color my hair is. I know it's a lot lighter than I think it is, and my highlights are different than they were when I was younger. I asked Amy to tell me which was my natural color. She looked for a minute, then handed me a box. Same brand, same color family, just one shade darker than the one I'd chosen. I'm taking this as a sign that I should be happy with what I've got.

That color family, incidentally, is ash. It's a good thing that I like ash, because what ash really means is grey. Now, I distinctly remember being told as a child that no one actually had grey hair, and that "grey" hair was a mix of dark and white - the same thing as the salt-and-pepper, just a different place along the transition. (Sort of like the reverse of horses - officially, there is no such thing as a white horse. Unless I have that backwards.) My mom's hair did that, and that was the only grey hair I was really exposed to when I was younger. So, foolish and naive me, I believed it. And, indeed, I have a dozen or so white hairs already. However, I am also greying at the temples. Each individual hair still has color to it, they aren't white like the ones along my part. But the overall effect is definitely a grey (ash) brown, not the darker brown of the hair further back. I suspect the beginnings of this effect are why I remember my hair as darker than it is. At any rate, clearly what I was told as a child was wrong.
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