Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

daernhelm requested three topics from me.

1) Left turns. Now, I know why he asked this. I ranted to him once before about hating people who make left turns, and hating myself when I make the left turns. What I can't remember is why I was ranting about it. I mean, people making left turns hold up traffic, and it's certainly no fun to make unprotected lefts across traffic. I don't think I can really work myself up to something rant-worthy, though. Sorry.

2) The collapse and dissolution of the United States if it continues as it is going. That, however, is decidedly rant-worthy. I'll get back to you on this one.

3) Penguins. Well, this is more of a ramble than a rant... There's a Penguin Store, somewhere in New Hampshire. It's where my Christmas penguin came from. I want to go see it, but it'd probably be dangerous. On the other hand, I'd be able to find Christmas presents for Melissa for years - I'm pretty sure she stocked up when she was there. Meanwhile, I still need to find a rubber stamp of a penguin. I'm going to be annoyed at myself for ages that I decided I wanted one just two hours too late to bid on the one neonnurse auctioned off. I liked it, and none of the ones I've seen for sale since then have pleased me. When I was somewhere around 10 or 12, my grandmother did a pen-and-ink drawing of a couple of penguins for me. It's framed and hanging in my parents' house. I think I'm going to ask them if I can take it. I don't have any art hanging on my walls, and I'd really like to have that picture. Fortunately, penguins are in basic black and white, so they'll coordinate with most decorating schemes. Oh, and I wasn't serious about kidnaping a penguin from the San Francisco Zoo, even though I probably could have managed it. It's not like zoos have penguin detectors, after all.

I'm no Anita Blake, I only have a couple of stuffed penguins. Or, rather, I can only find a couple of stuffed penguins at any given time - I'm sure I have a half-dozen of those at my parents' house as well. I'm not obsessed with penguins, really, it's just that it's an in-joke that became a tradition that became a personal symbol. Hm, I suppose I should make a penguin icon.

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