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Feb. 3rd, 2005

I finally gave up on Queer Eye for the Straight Girl last night. I tried it for several more episodes than I should have, but I kept hoping it would get better. After all, I've been joking for some time that I'd be an ideal candidate for a show with that concept. I guess I'm lucky that this one is based out of LA instead of NYC, because I probably would have applied for it.

Perhaps it's just a difference in culture between the two cities, but I really feel that some of what they're doing is appalling, and even borderline offensive. In the original show, the Fab Five works with the Clueless Guy of the Week, and you see them talking to him and getting a sense of his tastes and dislikes. In this one, if they do that, it's mostly off camera. Instead, I get the sense that the Gal Pals (bleah) decide what they think the Girl of the Week should be doing, and railroad her into it. It seems like a constant push to be higher energy and more over-the-top than the other show, and they're sacrificing something to do it.

Oh, yes, did I mention I dislike their lesbian? (I'm not entirely thrilled about using that phrasing, either, but they talk about her that way.) And I still can't tell the guys apart. Whoever does the decorating is definitely good at what they do, although the colors are generally not to my taste, but then I've expressed my opinion of orange before. However, I have the same problem with their decorating as with most other decorating shows - they get rid of bookcases, or if they have them, they clutter them up with knick-knacks and don't allow more than a few books. And as best I can tell, they also remove TVs and other electronics. They don't just hide them in cabinets with doors, they get rid of them altogether. What do they think people do in their spare time? Shop? As for the fashion, I have to wonder if the subjects ever hear the catty comments that are being made about their bodies. Criticizing taste and style is their job, but criticizing people for not being a size 6? I may just be over-reacting because it's one of my hot-buttons, but I hear stuff I consider borderline offensive every show.

In the long run, I don't really need a makeover anyway. I have taste, both in clothing and in home decorating. I just don't have the money to do anything about it. My tastes also run more toward comfort and functionality than toward fashion. If I want advice, I have plenty of friends with good taste, sexual preference irrelevant. I'd love for someone to give me thousands of dollars to redecorate my home and replace my wardrobe, and I guess I would be willing to spend a day or two with really annoying people for it, but I wouldn't be willing to let them throw away my possessions and eliminate bookcase space!



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Feb. 3rd, 2005 11:26 am (UTC)
*grin* I gave up on it 15 minutes into the first episode. :-) Now, the original, on the other hand, I can be quite hooked on. And if the Clueless Guy of the Week is book crazy, they do keep books around. Which is nice. Heck, one week they even created like a ladder to reach books way up high on shelves, if my memory hasn't totally fled. They just don't tend to have many book crazy clueless guys on the show. And I sometimes wish I could be a clueless guy of the week, cuz they sometimes leave fancy electronics behind. I thought about trying to get my brother on the show (he bought a new townhouse and for a while didn't have anything to put in it), but now it seems he's pretty darned decent at decorating....when he can afford the high quality furniture he wants..
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