Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,


More snow, whee.

My mother plans to stay with me overnight on the 20th, on her way down to see her parents. I must remember to be back before she gets there. I must remember to clean ahead of time. I asked her to bring my textbooks with her, so I don't have to make a trip up for them. I haven't had a response, and I wonder if they're going to hold them hostage. I just don't like doing it as a weekend trip any more. A 90-minute drive doesn't bother me. A 4-6 hour drive, however, feels like a long boring time.

Meanwhile, I need to do something about a haircut.

Lots of creative ideas flying around in my vicinity, none of them mine. I need to organize my time better, and try to get caught up on everything I have to do, so I can arrange some time for creativity of my own. I say this often.

I think I'd like some lunch.

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