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As part of the process of helping daeron move on Saturday, I bought some of his furniture from him. His very patient friend Pat the almost-a-priest helped me move it into my apartment in the rain, between Rounds 1 and 2 of the Great U-Haul Adventure. At that time, we just dumped it all into my living room.

Thus, this evening's project has been to relocate furniture. The end table went right into its new home, and is already making me a very happy woman.

The desk required some assembly. So, I sat on the kitchen floor and screwed. *grin* Then I moved the computer off the bookcase in the bedroom and onto the desk in the kitchen. I hadn't realized quite how badly I had tangled all the wires and cables. Everything, including the telephones, has now been rearranged and run more sensibly. I'm trying to remember, and I'm not sure whether I have more or less cords running through the doorway now, but at least they're thinner ones.

I still need to relocate the contents of the table that was where the desk is now - not to mention the table. That's going to be part of tomorrow night's project, along with moving and filling the file cabinet which is still proudly occupying the center of the living room.

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