Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

Another weekend

Friday night I curled up in my living room and watched 8 episodes of Coupling, finishing off the show. The fourth season isn't quite as funny, but I still found that I recognized a lot of myself and my friends in it.

In the middle of that, daernhelm called me, frantic. He was ten minutes from his apartment, his parents were 15 minutes away, and he hadn't done any cleaning yet. Of course, given what I was watching, the first words out of my mouth were, "You'd better hide the porn fast, then."

He answered, "Yes. First. Then I need to clean up the trash. Except I don't have any trash bags."

I offered a few suggestions, and when I got off the phone, I took a few minutes to contemplate the occasional eerie similarities between TV and reality.

Saturday I slept late and then did dishes and ran some errands. Eventually I drove to PA, and then spent an hour outside reading, since it was such a gloious day. Then, when The Boys (TM) went into the dungeon basement to play the super-hero game, amy_pearlman, museasylum626, daeron and I went shopping. Daeron is an incredibly useful male to take shopping. He holds things without being asked, and he actually has opinions on clothing. Sears had a lot of decent stuff on clearance, so I now have a pair of blue jeans (finally!), some shiny blouses, and one really nifty one that I love, even though I'm not sure it works on me. Like the shirt that shouts "Breasts!", it is very cool, it pushes the edge of what I'm willing to wear - and it is best suited to going out somewhere that I want to look good but that is relatively casual. It makes me wish I were the hang-around-in-bars type, so I would have somewhere to wear it.

At some point during the evening, museasylum626 pointed out that talanos's scary meatball icon is actually a cartoon character named Meatwad. Talanos has a new nickname. *evil grin* What's more, he can't really fight it, because he did it to himself.

Anyway... Sunday morning, Amy cooked brunch, with a little help from me. We'd picked up a nifty implement the night before at Bed, Bath and Beyond that cores and slices pineapple, so we tried it out. Fresh pineapple is the Best Thing Ever. After that, it was mostly a quiet day. I avoided the Sin City trip, instead choosing to do laundry and then meet up with everyone else at the Japanese restaurant for dinner. I left for home fairly late, but at least it was a pleasant evening to be out for a drive.

Today was back to the ordinary, although something seems to have bitten my hand at lunchtime.

And that's all the content from here in Lake Wobegon...
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