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Today seems to be an ow day. I brought it on myself, I'm sure, as I was thinking just Monday or Tuesday that there had been remarkably little pain in my life recently. Naturally, yesterday the muscle tension started getting to me again, and today is a day of arthritic badness.

I am also cranky, and I have to assume it's due to the aches and pains. Nothing has really gone badly at work today, and none of my co-workers are in a bad mood, so I'm not picking it up from them. I don't think I'm currently tuned in to any of my friends to such a degree that I'd be picking up moods long distance.

On the other hand, I am thrilled with the beautiful weather and the blooming forsythia and daffodils. No tulips yet; I would guess at least a week before they bloom, maybe a little more, but the leaves are growing strongly. I love driving past other people's flowers, and I wish I didn't have such a brown thumb to keep me from growing my own. Maybe early next week I'll pull out a vase and stop at Whole Foods to buy myself a bouquet.

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