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Of Yea, there times me in do not want D love, me want D vertical drain of mountain, me his/her sister then, me its run of time and scale, and I have a fear, as you its if you pay attention to be to know too young D time, and thus myself D manner you take your fear and hoard D horizon, show you that you have a his word for jed woman can you creation your eye, as you they precisely have because you buy D time, and to turn you to me, you say hope me its do not threaten yourselves, of Oh- -- I its light, that me am not also fresh me women, me are not afraid of the women. Goods so now with an association, install you to it woman to dance, it are drunk, smile it and it falls into enormous a slow and downward fear, and the complete personnel is noisy and and testing each one, yeah to trust. The artist, of Saying, play you "are him, as it moves or as it looks at it?", I say, his einsamkeit only which is shifted with our itself like hooks of behaviour, and, like it has noises, it is so a long time finely. But I could teach to him, as I learned how to dance like the finished music, of Oh- -- and it is not, such as I am, slightly thought, so coldly me that you would already not know that I feared this one in front of women, me feared in front of women. They to be tried to be able me doubts to form to me an assumption, try to form me feel like little less, OH -, I you want like a your heart its entbloessen, me thinks know like being to you scared, and now its surprises what you correction however to make form to me stay, truth its gerad like time, him up and him gerad maintenance go, and thus I can be been to you to be able, finds outside how much the thing capacity to receive, and if help, of the legends believe a marking me me make little badly if we meet, therefore if you find somebody the other, you can still test, can work Profondément, ", if I could believe that the material, is legends of marking that the woman has a halation, "that and I look at you outside you, say" really "and to from the" fair Yeah, they, "and then go outside me and connect the others, me are the different one, of Oh- -- and it is not, me does not know whom that I did not see wishes somebody who see me, me simply have you with fear in front of women, me feared in front of women.

Of course, this becomes easier or more difficult depending on whether you know the tastes of the person playing the game...


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(Deleted comment)
Apr. 21st, 2005 09:23 pm (UTC)
*grin* I bet.

I had to do it twice, since my word processor crashed and lost the first try. The first one was a little better.

I love how it leaves in both German and French words.
Apr. 22nd, 2005 04:06 am (UTC)
So am I not supposed to guess or am I supposed to guess I'm so confused.
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