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Not sleepy enough yet.

I'm tired and I want to go to bed, but I'm not sleepy enough yet to fall asleep right away. And if I go to bed before I'm ready to fall asleep, I'll just keep both of us awake. And since Jeff didn't get much sleep last night that wouldn't be very nice.

Apparently my cousin is back working at the Shakespeare Festival. When she did this a couple years ago, I never managed to get in touch with her. This time her father emailed me her cell phone number. I need to remember to call her and see if she's able to see me in the next couple weeks, before I go away.

It seems tomorrow is laundry day again. It really pisses me off that I spent much of the weekend wandering down the side of the building only to find other people's stuff there every single time. Including 9:15 on Saturday night. Thank goodness for the laundromat.