Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

Clarke Family Vacation 2003 - 21 days and counting

Three weeks from now I will be on an airplane on my way West.

It still seemed like a long way off until this morning. Now it feels like it's right on top of me.

We finally got Jeff's passport renewal application out the other day, and FedEx confirmed it was signed for yesterday.

It occurred to me this morning that it would be a really good idea to burn MP3 CDs of my music collection before I leave, so that I don't have to take original CDs with me - and so I don't have to take so many! One more thing for the list. And only two weekends left to do everything.

Ginny's going nuts at work - she noticed how soon I'm going away, and how long, and she's freaking out about everything. I started weeks ago getting everything in order, and there really isn't that much that she'll need to worry about. And I'll only be gone a little more than a week.

Everybody keeps telling me how much fun I'm going to have, how beautiful it will be, all of this. I am so sick of worrying, preparing, planning... it had better be worth it.
Tags: vacation

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