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I got a call from the Zoo today. Apparently they're the second of my persistent callers, the one that isn't leaving any message. I know they want my money, and they're certainly more deserving than any of the other people asking for it, but I just don't have any to give.

However, it does remind me that I've been wanting to go to the zoo. Since the pre-existing Sunday plans have been canceled, if I'm in PA on Sunday, I might just decide to go. The weather's supposed to be pretty good. If I'm in NJ, I might try to go to the Morristown National Historical Park instead.

Meanwhile, I keep thinking that I'm such a bad geek. I still haven't made it to HHGTTG, and I have this sneaking suspicion that it's going to get pushed out of the theaters by Episode III - which as of yet I have no plans to see at all, let alone opening night.

Nothing much going on beyond that. I'm looking forward to getting my hair cut Saturday, but that's the big excitement in my life.

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