Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

Last night, I went through my music collection, throwing songs which in some way resonated with my sense of self onto a playlist.

This would in theory produce something of a similar nature to amy_pearlman's post near the beginning of the month, of a CD about who I am/what it's like to be me - if I had all the songs I wanted, which I don't. Practically speaking, what I got was a long playlist that probably wouldn't make a very good CD, even after trimming it down to size.

I went through it and grouped the songs by theme and feel, because I had the feeling there was a message there. The message appears to be that I am, in approximately equal parts but no particular order: Healer, Woman With Attitude, Lonely Heart, and Crazy Angsty Chick. I don't suppose that's much of a surprise to anyone, but I was interested to see how very nearly balanced the groups ended up, given the haphazard method of selection.

There seems to always be one song that doesn't quite fit. In this case, it's the fully orchestrated version of Tom Lehrer's "The Masochism Tango". That seems like an odd choice, I know. It seemed odd to me at first. But, on reflection, there are a number of reasons, including even that it doesn't quite fit.
Tags: music

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