Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

First rule of life: Nothing is ever as simple as it sounds.

My plans for the weekend sounded pretty simple. Laundry, housecleaning, and so on, plus tentative plans to see some of the people in town for the Drew Alumni Weekend.

The first sign that all was not to be as I had planned did come yesterday around lunchtime, when I noted that my freezer was not as cold as it ought to be, and it felt like some of the food might be thawing. I chose to give it a little while to see if it corrected itself.

However, when I woke up this morning and determined that in fact, everything was starting to get squishy, it became time to Take Decisive Action (go me!). So, after dressing, I went outside and found my landlord. My landlords live next door, so it's not that odd that he happened to be right outside when I wanted to see him. Now, to make all of this sound right, you have to remember that everything they say is in a very thick Italian accent. He said, "Huh. I go talk to my wife, see what she want to do."

Ten minutes or so later, Maria came over to talk to me about it. Her English is a little better than his, and her patience is much better. I showed her the freezer, and had her poke the clearly no longer frozen meat. She said, "Okay, I go talk to my husband. If he call the guy, it take a couple days. If he go now, he can get new one on truck and have the men doing the yard help move it. Is okay if he come in and measure?" Yes, that's fine. Measure away.

So, in another ten minutes, they both came in, and he measured. She looked around. "Rocco, see if they have beige. That will match the cabinet. (to me) You like beige? (to him) And then we get beige when we get a new stove, too. (to me) Stove work okay?" He gave her a look as if to say, "Lady, I'm a guy. You think I'm going to know beige if I see it?" They left, and she wanted to be sure I would be around. Yes, I'll be here at least until 5, but I'll be going out in the evening.

Probably an hour and a half later, Rocco showed up at the door. "Okay, it'sa here. Empty out old one and I have them bring in new one." I moved fragiles from the top of the fridge, the pantry/bookcase away from the side of the fridge, and all of the food out of the fridge, in no more than ten minutes. Oh, and cleared away other things that would be in the path between the door and the appropriate part of the kitchen. No order, just moving FAST.

So, he pulled the pickup truck up on the sidewalk in front of the apartment. The two yard guys drop their implements and come to move - both of them cleaning off their boots first, which I appreciated greatly. I *think* both of them were speaking Spanish. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out if Rocco was speaking Italian and they just understood each other, or if he was also speaking Spanish. I wasn't catching enough of it to be able to get that, just to figure out approximately what they were saying.

New fridge in, old fridge out to the truck. Rocco followed me back in once it was loaded, to plug in the new one and get it into position. I went to vacuum the dust while he unwrapped the bubble wrap. I stepped onto the space where the old one had been, to grab an old filthy paper bag that had been there. My foot went through the floor! I caught myself against the wall, pulled it back up, and stepped away. Rocco came to investigate. "Huh. That'sa no good. Musta been a lot of water there... don't look like water though. I gotta fix. For now, I just get plywood, fix later."

So, I finish vacuuming, take out the trash, and think about how very wrong a day is when you put your foot through the floor.

He came back with the plywood, and we rolled the new fridge on. It seems to be stable. "I gonna put new tile there, all tile. You go ahead, enjoy new fridge! It good one."

Although they always say you're supposed to turn the fridge and freezer on 8-12 hours before putting food in, I decided not to wait. With any luck, it was fast enough that most of it will still be OK. Most of the frozen food didn't defrost completely, except for the bread products, and those should be all right. Well, and the ice cream, but I threw that out. I don't know if the milk will have been all right, but we'll see. At least it was unopened.

The new fridge is white, by the way. The doors are on the wrong side, as well, but I'll get used to that. Otherwise, it's kind of nifty. Everything is very adjustable, and once it gets cold enough, I'm going to play with rearranging shelves to suit.

I'm not sure when he's going to do the floor... could be next week, next month, next year, or never. We'll see.

The kitchen's still a disaster, because instead of putting away everything else that got moved, I spent a couple of hours on the phone with daernhelm. It seemed a better choice for my sanity.

Now, I'm back to what remains of the original plan - pizza with older Drew alums. Hoping for a quieter day tomorrow.
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