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Two weeks till vacation. Thank God. My goal for next week is to manage to leave work at least one day without having wanted to cry at any point during the day.

Meanwhile, I now have Jeff's passport and Jeff's Dramamine, so all the most important things for the trip are taken care of. (Tickets? Bah! Who needs those?)

The passport arrived yesterday at my office by FedEx. Everyone wanted to see it, of course. Now, passport photos, like driver's license photos, are always abysmal. This is intentional, since any time you need to show it you're not going to be at your best. Since a couple of my co-workers haven't met Jeff, I decided to make it look better by showing them the old one first. The old one was from when he was 16. (He's now 22.) And he was cute enough for a 16-year-old, of course, but he SO does not look like the same person.

The Dramamine doesn't sound that complicated, but it necessitated a call to Julie (Jeff's mother) while in the grocery store. Did you know Dramamine comes in little tubes? I didn't. Anyway, we now have enough 12-hour non-drowsy Dramamine to drug Jeff for the entire cruise, plus enough of the regular 4-hour drowsy stuff for the plane trips and the off chance I actually end up needing some.

And, while there are not in fact tickets, we did get the "cruise documents" from Godfrey in today's mail. They seem to consist mostly of a brochure for shore excursion and luggage tags, but I didn't really have time to read them in detail at lunchtime. And the confirmation and a brochure for our B&B in Anchorage the night after the cruise was also included. It looks cute. How does one stay at a B&B? It seems kind of weird.

We also finally got around to ordering a wedding present for Jeff's cousin - about time, since the wedding is a week from Sunday. She was registered for about 5 billion tablecloths. Well, 6 or 7, anyway. Isn't that something? I don't think I've seen any tablecloths on any of the registries I've looked at before. Then again, I wasn't paying attention to tablecloths before. But I do think I would have remembered if anyone had been registered for that many.



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Jun. 9th, 2003 05:33 pm (UTC)
One stays at a B&B pretty much the way stays anywhere. Often, they feature a room, containing a bed, in which you are permitted to sleep in exchange for your credit card information. In the morning, you are often permitted to partake in breakfast (why look, the second b) before departing.
Jun. 10th, 2003 05:57 am (UTC)
Well, yeah. It just seems weird because it's somebody's house. And going in and out has got to be odd.

We leave before breakfast, as it happens.
Jun. 10th, 2003 06:03 am (UTC)
Almost always, they have set up the house to keep you from wandering through the private parts of the house on the way in and out. I've only stayed in a few, but they always had a public living room and dining room which you access through the public entrance. The staircase to guest rooms was also in this area. A single (closed and marked) door lead to the rest of the house, which most likely has it's own living room for the family.
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