Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

Just before lunch, I smacked the back of my hand HARD against the edge of my desk. "That's going to leave a mark," I said. Indeed, it has. I've been watching the bruise develop over the course of the afternoon.

Contrary to popular belief, I do not actually bruise all that easily, unless I haven't been getting iron in my diet. Most of the time I get the iron, too. It's just that my balance and coordination, while excellent in comparison to what they were when I was 14, are still appalling when compared to normal people. Given the sheer frequency with which I collide with inanimate objects, if I bruised easily, I'd look like someone was beating me.

No detailed weekend update, as it's been covered elsewhere. Just the two quotes of the weekend:

demongrey: I shouldn't have to negotiate to get my own body parts back!

and, later,

talanos: Oh my God, you've got legs!

For all the grief I gave talanos, I understand what he meant, and he's right. I do generally try to keep my legs covered, at least above the knee. I was very comfortable Saturday, in cotton-poly-spandex shorts with a long skirt over them for decency (I may generally be overly harsh on myself, but I don't think anyone will argue that I should go out in public in spandex). In fact, I wore a very similar outfit yesterday, only replacing Saturday's T-shirt with my more usual button-down. Dispensing with the stockings was a treat.

It was a good gaming session, though. This is the first time in months that I've felt I was actually contributing something to a game. It's quite a relief to not be thinking back on it with frustration that I couldn't do better.

Back at work, Ginny's training a new file clerk. This one is a college student who seems to be fairly intelligent. We'll see how it goes, but he certainly seems to be an improvement over most of the ones we've had.

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