Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

So, Saturday I finally succeeded in getting out of the house without disaster, and went to see Star Wars Episode III. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there are still matinee rates on weekends; I had thought it had been changed to weekdays only some years ago. Even with the Large But Not Large Enough To Be That Expensive soda, I spent just less than $11. Pleasant Surprise #1.

Pleasant Surprise #2 was that I rather enjoyed the movie. Yes, some of the acting was pretty wooden, and some of the dialogue a bit contrived. Yes, it's mostly an action movie with a Big Moral Message. Please refer to the original trilogy - watch it on its technical merits, instead of on nostalgia. I think this is very much consistent with the feel of those movies, much more so than Episodes I and II.

It also passed the basic movie test - it made me cry. Admittedly, I cry at just about all movies, so that doesn't say much. The end didn't get me. I knew what was coming, of course, which is just as well, since Annoying Cell Phone Man was sitting one row back and three seats over, and the cell phone went off just as they lowered Darth Vader's helmet for the first time. From then on, I split my time between being pissed at him, and wishing I'd had a slightly smaller soda. No, they got me right at the beginning, when the music started, and Star Wars flashed across the screen.

I did get a Coupling flashback when Anakin "Steve" Skywalker woke up in the middle of the night after a nightmare about the impending birth of his child. I was practically expecting that in the next scene, Jane was going to walk in on Palpatine's arm.

(Jane) "No, Obi-wan, you - hey, I don't like that name. It just doesn't suit you. I'm going to call you Ben, okay? No, Ben, you're wrong. He’s not a Sith Lord, he's just misunderstood."

(Obi-wan) "Ben?"

(Palpatine) "But, Jane, I am the Lord of the Sith. Darth Sidious, master of the Dark Side of the Force."

(Jane) "Pal, silly, there aren't really any Sith. You're perpetuating a nasty stereotype. The Dark Side and the Light Side are just part of the same Force."

(Palpatine) "But... Hey, you're pretty good at this manipulating people with their own words and attitudes thing. Forget that Steve Skywalker kid, how are you with a lightsaber?"

(Obi-wan) "Ben? Ben? I have a bad feeling about this."

But I digress [1].

At any rate, that prophecy? I've seen several different interpretations of it. My take is that yes, Anakin is the one it's about. First, he brought the Force into balance - by turning to the Dark Side, then assisting in the destruction of the Jedi. At the end, two Sith, two Jedi, and pretty evenly matched, as the duels at the end of the movie show. Then, a generation later, he destroys the Sith, with the help of his son - who doesn't seem nearly so whiny now that we've seen his father. It's nature, not nurture, who knew?

I'm just glad that Anakin doesn't look quite so much like my brother as he did in Ep. II. There, it was positively uncanny. Here, it's just a similarity of facial structure that's slightly unsettling.

Favorite line: "So this is how democracy dies, with thunderous applause." I have seen commentary that this anti-Bush sentiment, along with a couple of other moments, shouldn't be in the movie. The thing is, if you've been watching the movie, and if you've seen the original trilogy, you should be able to see how directly this political statement is about the world of the movie. I find it interesting that Bush supporters are willing to acknowledge that there might be an applicable parallel to our place and time, when they could so easily ignore it. I'm glad to see it's making people think, whether I agree with them or not.

Anyway, after the movie I went to Walmart, with mostly the desired results. Intended purchases: shorts, Ziploc bags, plastic cups, sunscreen, Coke, and X (withheld intentionally). Actual purchases: several shirts, sunscreen, Coke, X, whiteout tape, and assorted things for next weekend's Doom of Choice, and a thumb brace. I wandered through that aisle mostly on a whim, but I was thrilled to find out that they actually make braces that do exactly what I've been wanting for the quirkiness of the thumb. This Made Stephie Happy. I tried on several pairs of shorts, none of which passed the waist test.[2] I forgot about the ziploc bags and plastic cups entirely, but I can get those at the grocery store in town.

Yesterday I managed to accomplish about half of what I wanted for the weekend, which is about average. I've noticed that I get about half done, no matter how much or how little I expect, so I try to aim high. I did get ahead on the ironing for the first time in about six weeks, so maybe I'll get some of the rest of the housework done during this week.

My parents are still in the UK, so Fathers' Day was even more of a non-event than usual for me. I called and left a message on their answering machine, because I am Dutiful Daughter, but that was it. From the schedule, it looks like they fly back to the US this Friday.


[1] Besides, you can easily explain where Jeff really was for all of the fourth season if you're familiar with Eddie Izzard. Two words: Jeff Vader. See, I told you I digress!

[2] It's not that hard to find pants for fat girls. It can, however, be challenging to find pants for fat girls who actually have waists. Pants with no belt loops and no elastic, or insufficient elastic, almost never work for me.

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