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Sunday, Monday, Happy Days

The weekend started with a crash and a bang. Literally. A violent thunderstorm rolled through the area just after I got home Friday night, soaking me when I ran next door to drop off my rent check, and knocking out the power for almost an hour.

I'd been in a mental fog all day Friday, and I thought I might be coming down with something. I went to bed early Friday night, and stayed in bed most of Saturday, reading and napping by turns. I finally woke up, all the way, at about 8:00 PM, feeling much better. Clearly I had really needed the sleep, because despite sleeping most of the day, I was still ready for bed by about 3 AM and slept for another eight hours. The day was a total loss as far as doing anything useful, but I think taking a "sick day" may possibly have been more useful in the long run.

oidhche called me early Sunday afternoon to find out if I wanted to ride with him and palingyuan down to PA. Saving gas and sparing my car sounded like a good plan, so after some housework, I met them at their place. It was close to 7 by the time we left, and I noted that it seemed really odd to be leaving NJ for PA at 7 on a Sunday evening! Despite that, we all still failed to realize that the Bridgewater Mall would be closed by the time we got there, so we made a detour that didn't gain us the food we wanted.

Eventually, we made it to amy_pearlman and blackfog's house, and demongrey and museasylum626 arrived not long thereafter. Amy, Oid, and DG put together a grill in the garage, much to the amusement of the rest of us listening through the door. The cats, however, were unimpressed.

After that, we played 1000 Blank White Cards for quite a while. From reading the website, I had summarized the game as a cross between Munchkin and Calvinball. Having played it, I would add Truth or Dare to the description. I'm not sure whether adding alcohol to the mix was a good choice or not - I'll leave that to someone who stayed sober to evaluate. I drank far more than I'm usually comfortable with, but there was no way I was keeping up with everyone else without flattening my inhibitions.

Anyway... even leaving out the drunken revelry aspect of the game, I think it's a lot of fun, although it wouldn't be for everyone. crifmer's name came up several times over the course of the evening, though, and I think it would be entertaining to get him into a game of it. Especially without any warning of the sorts of things we came up with that aren't on that website. *evil grin*

It was after 4 AM before we stopped playing, so Monday morning turned into Monday afternoon remarkably quickly. After some food preparation, the new grill was tested quite thoroughly, with only small amounts of unintentional flame. The food was excellent. Most of us then went to DG and MA's apartment, to play with the kitten for a little while. She's an adorable little thing, and very friendly.

After a trip to Borders and the Cold Stone Creamery, Oid, Paling, and I headed home. I finally got back to my apartment about nine o'clock. Someone down the street was setting off fireworks as I was coming in, and a little while later I could just see part of the Florham Park display over the trees at the back of the neighbors' lot. I could hear them going off for miles around, though. It was a gorgeous evening, very pleasant to be outside, and the fireflies in the trees were providing quite a light show on their own.

For much of the evening, I was thinking of Fourth of July celebrations I have known. When I was very young, and Melissa still lived in Lowell, our family would go to their house and watch the city fireworks from their upstairs porch. After they moved to Chelmsford, they were nowhere near the town display, so instead their family came to our house for dinner and then we'd drive to a parking lot near the Tewksbury airport (now, sadly, a retirement community and golf course) to watch our town’s display. After a while, we got too old to care and too cranky about the mosquitos, so we stopped. The summer between high school and college, oidhche took me into Boston for the Pops concert on the Esplanade, which was something I'd always wanted to do. I spent at least one, maybe several, Fourths with daernhelm's family, also celebrating his brother's birthday, which is July 2. Now, the last couple of years I've spent with friends.
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