Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

Time capsule

I'm finally finished moving out of college.

Those of you who were around when I graduated probably remember the disaster that was my moveout process. About all that can be said for it is that I did finish by the deadline, if only by about five minutes. At the end, I had filled all available space in my car and my parents' minivan, and I still had loose stuff all over the room. It all got shoved into five garbage bags, which were stashed in the Medfest space in the attic of another dorm.

It must have been a year or more later that I retrieved those bags, transferring them immediately to the garage of my apartment. Over the rest of the time I lived there, I gradually pulled things out of the bags, either returning them to active use, or transferring them to the garbage. By the time I moved again, a little over three years ago, while the junk was still in five bags, it was down to the volume of only about one and a half of the original bags. All of the bags were also nestled in a monitor box. oidhche and palingyuan were kind enough to let me leave the box o'junk, with a few of my other possessions, in their garage.

While I eventually moved the large wooden box (an unfinished project) on a bulk pickup day, I never came back to reclaim the rest of my junk. However, since the apartment is now going out of the family, last week I went to collect what remained. As oidhche and caniswolfie can attest, the quantity wasn't so bad. The distressing condition was the stickiness.

Well, garbage pickup is tomorrow, and so tonight I brought the bags in from the car and sorted them. As can be expected of things I haven't used in six years, most of it is going right back out. I'm keeping some of it:

* half a dozen refrigerator magnets
* two plates and a fork
* a Koosh
* two pads of Post-Its and a roll of craft paper. Also a box of pencils. Anyone want pencils?
* the pair of sunglasses that's way too dark to drive with or do anything else requiring detail. However, the prescription's not far off, and the next time I do some sort of outside-all-day thing, it might be worth trying those instead of my current ones to see if they're dark enough to prevent the glare headache.
* a desk encyclopedia, published in 1989, that goes with my copy of Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?
* about two dollars in loose change
* Programs for Medfest, the Newport Folk Festival, my graduation, a chorale and orchestra concert, a summer play that crifmer was in... and Cats.

And, best of all, my holiday earrings! I could have sworn I'd had them the first two years I was working, but clearly I was wrong. Those make me very happy.

I'm still undecided about whether to keep the roll of DLB labels. I'm thinking not, but it's hard to make myself throw them away.

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