Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

A brief interlude

I'm not sure why this one college notebook was in the pile of junk I found it in, instead of with the rest of my college notebooks. Still, I flipped through it, because I'm always interested to see what I've put in the margins.

Week one: concentrating on class.
Week two: I love - let's call him Bob, because who and when isn't really relevant, and there's never been a Bob.
Week three: several doodles.
Week four: I don't think I love Bob any more, but I can't stop thinking about him.
Week five: I love Bob.
Week six: more doodling.
Week seven through eleven: No margin notes, so probably I was napping.
Week twelve: A grocery list.
Week thirteen: I love Bob, but I want Fred. (Another obvious pseudonym)
And in the final week of class, more doodling.

Probably only amusing to me, of course. Perhaps it really does hinge on the secret identity of Bob - and that's a sentence that sounds like it belongs in a much more interestng post than this one. Now, the margins of notebooks from classes I shared with turtle_morn or amy_pearlman, those could be quite entertaining.

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