Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

They keep telling me that it's a good thing if you're too busy living your life to write about it...

Friday night, I spent a while trying to decide what to wear the next day. I knew I would be wearing my bodice and the purple shirt that goes with it. I'm wearing them in my icon, and yes, the shirt is really purple even though the picture makes it look blue. I just couldn't decide how to dress my lower half. A skirt would be more like garb, but most of my skirts really aren't anything like period, and the ones that might pass are all the wrong colors. Shorts would just be wrong. So, I decided on jeans, hoping that it wouldn't be too hot.

Saturday morning I drove up to the NY Renaissance Faire in Sterling Forest. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was less than an hour from my apartment, making this decidedly my most convenient RenFaire trip ever. On the other hand, driving in a leather bodice is mildly inconvenient, because it restricts the mobility of the upper body. The true inconvenience, however, happened at around the same time I reached the New York border, when the knot on one of my shoulder lacings came untied, and the lacing started to loosen. I can tighten the other lacings myself, but I need help for the shoulders. So, I entered the Faire in a state of wardrobe malfunction.

I was meeting the Great Horde, but since I was about an hour behind them, they were well underway by the time I arrived. I called demongrey for directions to their location, which he was happy to provide. They weren't even bad directions; it's just that his definition of "straight" diverges from mine - at about a 45 degree angle, actually. So, if you think of the layout as a wheel, I followed the rim, instead of following a spoke toward the hub. About when I realized that I had gone the wrong way, I stumbled through the wrong part of the hub, and took a spoke in the opposite direction. There, I found a very nice shopkeeper who tied me up (the shoulder lacing, remember?) and pointed me in the correct direction.

When I finally arrived, jaedeth and C had tired of clothes shopping, so the three of us left the larger group and wandered the Faire together. We did stop into a few stores, but we also stopped to listen to a few musicians, and jaedeth and I went on the Roundabout. We spotted CT as we got off, and we were going to stalk him around the Faire to see if he met up with everyone else, but the guy who had been working the Roundabout followed us and flirted a bit, and we lost sight of CT in the confusion.

A bit earlier than that, I had lost my footing on a patch of uneven path, and fell and landed on my knee. I got pretty badly scraped up and bruised. I was very glad I'd chosen the jeans, though - as bad as it was, at least my knee had been protected, and no dirt got into the wound. I suspect that if I hadn't been wearing jeans, I would have needed stitches. However, it's been healing very quickly.

We left fairly early, but on the way out, I stopped at a cart selling wooden roses. At a distance, they look real. Up close, they still don't look like wood. I bought a dozen of them. They were expensive, but they are pretty, and they will last indefinitely. They should keep me from coveting the real flowers most of the time.

Anyway, jaedeth and C were staying with me for the rest of the weekend. We went back to my apartment for a while, then went to Firehouse for dinner, and on the way back we gave C a whirlwind tour of Drew, since he had never been in the area before.

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