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Then we headed to Chatham, to see johnstevensaul's play. None of us anticipated that a community theater production would be likely to sell out. When we arrived, we learned that there was only one ticket available! We discussed options for a while, and decided just to write a note to John to let him know we'd tried, and then go home. We took the note to the ushers (avoiding the dragon-lady at the box office, who was shooting us dirty looks for not having left right away) and explained the situation, asking if they could deliver it to him after the show.

"Oh my God, we're actually sold out? Wow. And you're John's friends? Wait right here, let me see if he can come out to say hello to you." And she bustled off, without the note.

Five minutes later, "I talked to the stage manager, and they won't let him come out. They don't want him to break his... something. Concentration?" I muttered "focus, probably" under my breath, but she didn't notice. "Anyway, we're going to make sure you get in to see the show tonight. Stay here!" And she was off again.

We moved to the side, to be out of the way of the people still coming in. After a few more minutes, she came back again, with a man who appeared to be Someone of Importance. He went over to the dragon-lady and conversed with her briefly. He pointed at us. She scowled, and pointed at two other people sitting on a bench and waiting, who had not had the temerity to go over her head. He shrugged and said something conciliatory, and disappeared back into the theater. Several more people came and went, poking their heads out, asking the ushers something, and looking at us when she pointed. Dragon-lady's scowl got deeper and deeper. Finally, Important Man came back and said, "She'll sell you tickets now, and we can seat you."

The other two people who were waiting got seats set up for them somewhere near the regular seating. We, as young able-bodied people, were escorted up a steep dark staircase to folding chairs on a platform in the balcony, right by the sound booth. We had an excellent view and could see some of the technical stuff as well, and I felt like a VIP in my box seat, as I leaned on the balcony and looked down on the rest of the audience. As far as I'm concerned, they were the best seats in the house.

I enjoyed most of the plays. The third one was the most memorable, but also hardest to really accurately describe. It was a dance piece set to Bohemian Rhapsody and featuring a gorilla, framed by a business meeting. I would tend to categorize it as an absurdist piece, although I'm sure someone will tell me that I'm wrong. It's good that it was just before the intermission, because I don't think anything could follow that. The one John was in showed him as a sports fan at a baseball game with his wife, who went into labor during the game. He made a fairly convincing sports fanatic about to have a baby, which I think clearly shows that he's quite a good actor. (He actually made it sound like he knew what he was saying about the game!)

We chatted briefly with John and G (who was in the first play) after it was over, and then headed back to my apartment, where we all went to sleep fairly promptly.

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