Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

jaedeth and C were very kind, and let me sleep until around ten on Sunday. Then, since they were restless, they decided I shouldn't be resting. I couldn't really argue with that - especially since it takes me about an hour to become fully verbal in the mornings. Once I'd staggered around like a zombie for a bit, I managed to take a step forward into humanity, and we discussed lunch. They walked down to the grocery store, to get some exercise, and I met them about half an hour later with the car.

We picked up all that was needed, and returned home and made chicken fajitas. Not only did I learn how to do that[1], but I got Jaedeth to write down the recipe for Soupy Chicken, which I had been craving for months.

While she tried to get hold of the last person she had been hoping to get together with over the weekend, C and I managed to prove our absolute incompetence for simple tasks. You see, Sunday was Jaedeth's birthday. I had already had a chocolate cake in my freezer, and it seemed like the perfect occasion to bring it out. However, it didn't occur to me until too late that it might need to defrost - so it wasn't ready with lunch. We compared notes and arrived at a plan. His job was to distract her so that she wouldn't suspect anything while I dithered in the kitchen. That almost worked. My job was to make the cake edible. Well, the box said that a slice would defrost in 20 minutes (instead of 3 hours for the whole cake), so I decided to cut it into slices. Theory, sound. In practice, the good knife was dirty from cutting up the chicken, and I completely forgot until now as I write this that I even had another large knife[2], so I used a table knife. The result wasn't pretty. I gave up, and C and I sang Happy Birthday and handed the entire mess over to the birthday girl, who salvaged the situation.

We left the now-sliced cake on the counter to defrost, and went to the Museum of Early Trades and Crafts in town. I had been once before, with daernhelm and his parents, but Jaedeth, like most of us, had often wondered about it while in college, but never got around to going. It's a pleasant way to spend an hour or so (it's a very small museum). The current exhibit in the rotating space is on making musical instruments, which I found very interesting.

We also stopped into the used bookstore just across the street from the museum. I managed to restrain myself from buying anything this time. Then, we went back to eat the cake and pack up belongings, and then I dropped them both off at the train station to start the trip home. I didn't do much with my afternoon, other than clean up the kitchen, because I knew I'd need my energy for the week ahead.

In the next thrilling installment: how I managed to be several people at once, and what I did at night to keep myself sane.


[1] I know, not horribly complex. Actually, the only challenging part was how to cook onions. Yes, I am so sad and pathetic that I had to watch someone cook onions so I'd have the confidence to try it myself. However, I've done myself since then. This learning to cook is a slow process, but I'm starting to get the hang of it.

[2] Crocodile Dundee, isn't it? "That's not a knife. This is a knife!" Anyway, I do have a cleaver and a large knife, both grocery-store quality, but they're in a different drawer across the kitchen from the good knives.

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