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I try to stop in at the Old Book Shop in Morristown every couple of months, as they generally have both a good selection and a decent rate of turnover. I went on Saturday, and was greatly delighted with my success. I had one particular book in mind when I went, and was lucky enough to find it, but I also found a whole bunch of James White's Sector General books.

I've recommended the Sector General books to a number of people. They're somewhat like a science fiction version of House, M.D. Sector General is a giant space station, and a hospital for all the intelligent life forms of the galaxy. Most of the stories are about trying to cure newly-discovered species, or new diseases - so the diagnostics form a major part of the story. The older stories are a bit dated, which is understandable since they were written in the sixties, but they should be approachable to anyone who reads other older SF. I grew up reading the ones my dad had. The series has continued, at irregular intervals, and the last book was published in 1999 after the author's death.

Anyway, I've been trying to collect the series, but the older books can be difficult to find. When I saw six volumes from the series, plus an anthology including a Sector General story, I was elated - and a little sad, because I didn't have a list of which ones I already had. It wasn't as simple as ones I'd read and ones I hadn't, because I didn't have all of the books my father has. I don't like buying duplicates, but I didn't want to leave behind any that I didn't have. I ended up buying six of the seven books, only leaving behind the one I was sure I had. I knew I'd never seen one of them before, and at a dollar a piece, even if I had all of the others, it was a good deal.

As it turns out, two were duplicates, two were books I'd read because my father had them, and two were completely new to me. I'm now only missing one book from the main series, although I believe there are also other short stories in collections I don't have.

A good home is wanted for two books, Hospital Station and Star Surgeon, which happen to be the first two books in the series (although order doesn't matter too much, especially in the earlier stories). Let me know if you're interested.

In other news, three different sites gave me identical directions to Buffalo from my house. Their time estimates varied by about an hour. I'm guessing the low estimate doesn't include stops and the high estimate does.

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