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House season premiere

Last night was the season premiere of House MD. As Fox hoped, I tuned in an hour early, to try the series premiere of Bones.

I liked Bones, and will probably keep watching unless it doesn't live up to the first episode. How could I not love a show about a woman with a fascinating career that I know nothing about, who makes me look like a socially adept pop-culture guru? I haven't quite managed to sort out the rest of the cast yet, but that always takes me some time.

As norabombay pointed out, the city bears little resemblance to the actual layout and rules of DC. However, I assumed it was an alternate universe from the point that they identified the Jeffersonian Institute. If it's not our world, then I can suspend my disbelief on quite a bit.

House was great, as I confidently expected. Everyone had a new hairstyle for the new season; some I liked, some I didn't. I have mixed feelings about the B plot with Cameron and her patient. On the one hand, it showed her in a much less sympathetic light than the previous season. Between that and her paler, thinner appearance, I can almost see her fading right into the background and off the show. I hope not. On the other hand, I am delighted with the chance to see Wilson in action on his own ground. When he's not trailing around as House's puppy-like sidekick, he is actually a strong, decisive, and capable man. I have assumed that he had to be, in order to head a department and sit on the Board, but it is good to see it.

The music, though... I appreciate music for itself, and doubly so when it's well used. This show is usually pretty good at that. I felt that they tried a little too hard this time. It was executed well, but poorly chosen, in my opinion. Yeah, I love the song and all, but I don't think it was the right song for this story, in addition to being overdone.


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Sep. 14th, 2005 11:18 pm (UTC)
Because of my schedule I had to tape Bones, so hopefully I'll have an opinion on that after this evening.

My Fall TV dilemma is between "How I Met Your Mother" and "Kitchen Confidential" due to the Buffy alums in each...Willow in the first and Xander in the second. They're both on Mondays at 8:30, premiering next week. I can't watch either and with no TIVO, I have to choose which to tape. Predictably, I'm leaning towards Allison Hannigan's show, though Kitchen Confidential seems more original (which means FOX will cancel it in 4 weeks anyway).

I did catch The War at Home at the Strieb house. We all found ourselves laughing quite a lot, so 2 thumbs up for that.
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