Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

Thoughts on the weekend in DC

Thoughts on the weekend in DC: list instead of narrative, this time.

1) It was odd to drive through Alexandria without stopping to visit daernhelm's parents... though not as odd as it probably would have been if I had stopped.

2) My brother lives very near places I've been before. This is a distinct advantage, when following directions like "Follow East Glebe to West Glebe to South Glebe" - while driving approximately northwest.

3) I really need to try to communicate more often with him. We enjoy each other's company. I just don't think of it very often.

4) Driving through Dupont Circle isn't nearly as scary as its reputation would indicate, at least on a Saturday evening with a local navigator.

5) What's scary is driving around Adams Morgan on a Saturday night. I didn't really mind the complete disregard for traffic rules - especially since it meant the cop ignored me when I ran a stop sign right in front of him and then stopped short in the middle of the intersection when I realized it. I could have dealt with the pedestrians who felt that their purpose in life was to walk wherever they thought I might want to be. What really got me was that...

6) Apparently, Jesus is from Arizona, and he drives an SUV. Sadly, he clearly learned to parallel park in a compact car, and doesn't realize that SUVs are larger. He was also doing this on the wrong side of the street. The street, lined with parked cars on both sides, was just barely wide enough for two cars to pass each other, and Jesus trying to park on my side and a local passing him didn't leave me enough room to proceed, which was completely lost on the guy behind me - who blocked the street so the guy coming toward me couldn't get past him. For some reason, everyone else seemed to think this was my fault, despite the fact that I was the one who had no space to go backwards, forwards, or sideways. Have you seen the Dr. Seuss story about the two guys who were too stubborn to step aside, so they stayed so long an entire city built around them? Yeah. Eventually Arizona Jesus figured out the problem, and gave up on parking long enough to back up far enough that I could get around him, and leave space for Thing One and Thing Two to move without losing face. Next time jaedeth asks me to drive, I'm asking more questions before I say yes.

7) There's a farmers' market in Dupont Circle on Sundays. Cute babies, cute dogs, fresh samples of apples, lots of good stuff.

8) If anyone needs a massage in the DC area, go see jaedeth. I'm going to start saving now for the next time I'm down there. Meanwhile, I had no idea my ass was so tense. Apparently it's the lower back's equivalent of the knots between the shoulder blades.

9) I only took a few pictures of the National Cathedral, because our time was limited. I have to go back some time when I can spend a whole day.

10) The gift shop is a dangerous place for someone whose interests include religion and the medieval period. It is, however, a good place to find a King James Bible.

11) I got the obligatory "Mommy, it's NEMO!" picture at the Baltimore Aquarium, as well as a few others that weren't too horrible.

12) If you see a sign that says "83, 95, Points North," don't assume that it means that 83 and 95 are anywhere near each other. However, Baltimore also has a Beltway, so there's always a way to fix mistakes.

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