Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

The current meme going around is asking people to post a memory. Haven't we done this before?

If you so choose, comment with a memory of me. Of us. Please, be creative. Pick something you haven't posted before, something that isn't what everyone else would want to post, something I may have forgotten.

And what's with the spatula, anyway?

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    Procrastination Girl has finally emailed the movers she used last time to ask questions about this time. Yay. Please, let all the answers be yes.

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    *counts to ten* *deep breath* My life is good. The assholes are temporary. My blood pressure doesn't need elevating any further. Crazy landlady…

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    Tonight I told my boss I was leaving. Not just that I was going home; I tell him that every night. Tonight I also told him I would be leaving his…

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