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We picked names for the office Secret Santa on Wednesday. As usual, Carol went first, and threw back names until she got one of the two she likes. As usual, I pulled my own name, and had to put it back and try again. I'm always tempted to just keep my name, and wrap up something I bought for myself to open at the luncheon, but that would really defeat the spirit of it - even if it would make the shopping considerably easier. I'm pretty sure mine went to the same person who had me last year. Which reminds me, I need to go to the local bookstore she gave me the gift certificate for, and use it before it expires. Maybe this weekend.

I seem to have done something unfortunate to one of my fingers in my sleep. This morning it hurt noticeably if I bent it, even after painkillers. I made a makeshift splint out of the materials on hand, and it's much better now.

They put up the holiday decorations downtown today. When I went home for lunch, the wreaths were on the lampposts, and a couple of guys were up in cherry-pickers trimming the big tree on Lincoln Place.