Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

Christmas gifts

Dear friends and family (ok, so the family isn't reading the LJ, but still):

I love you all. This is why I want to buy you presents. However, I am a terribly uncreative person, and I rely mostly on wishlists. If you keep an Amazon wishlist, please update it, for my sake and that of anyone else as boring as me.

I do update my wishlist regularly, and I do use the priority labels. I know there are some things on it that I put there in 2000, so I certainly understand that on others' lists. But if there's nothing in the last year, it's hard to know if it's still current.

Meanwhile, if anyone has any idea at all what I can get for oidhche, or what my office could get for my boss, please let me know.
Tags: holiday

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