Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

Playing games.

So, I spent a remarkably normal and wholesome evening with johnstevensaul and crifmer tonight. I showed up while they were playing video games. When they tired of beating each other up, we moved on to Man Eats Dog, a card game of making up headlines. We stopped playing and declared John the ultimate winner with the headline Wife Runs Away With Bizarre Urologist Lady. Nothing was going to beat that.

Then we moved on to my favorite game, History of the World. I had won the last time I played, so I fully expected to lose dramatically. And, indeed, while I lead the first round, I proceeded to trail the next few rounds by so much that even the Romans could only make up part of the loss. Then I learned that the dynamics of a three-player game are very different from a game with more players. My turns 5, 6 and 7 were good enough that I won the game very substantially, with a final score of 295 points.

No one is ever going to play with me again. Actually, that's not true, since they challenged me to a rematch next week, but no one is ever going to believe I'm no good at the second half of the game again.

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