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It's been a good few days.

I spent Saturday afternoon and evening gaming, and we managed both to avoid the imminent Stupid Idea and to have a great deal of dramatic plot exposition.

Sunday was a day of many small happinesses:

- waking up early and reading in bed
- finding the makeup I still needed for next weekend's wedding
- playing with the kitten temporarily known as Stumblebutt
- conversing with a 3-year-old and a 6-year-old
- playing many games
- hanging out with friends
- cuddling up to several of the guys who put up with me

With all that warm fuzzy happy stuff fresh in my mind, today ended up being a good day too. The first half of the workday flew by, the weather was beautiful, we ordered the office Christmas cards, and I only have one more day to work this week.

For now, at least, life is good.

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