Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

Acrostic questions posed by the lovely and talented calloocallay and my answers are:

S. Strengths. What are you totally confident about being good at?

There is nothing that I am totally confident about, with the possible exception of my ability to (figuratively) stick my foot in my mouth. (Literally, I can still do it, but I'm not as flexible as I used to be, so I'm losing confidence in that too.) I would say that my strengths are staying in contact with a large number of people, and organizing others. I continue to search for other strengths.

T. Tempting. What is your favorite dessert?

Pecan pie.

E. Ears. What are you listening to, recently? What kind of music in general do you go for?

Last night, a lot of Indigo Girls. When I'm driving, books on tape. In general, I like most music, although at any given point my mood will influence what I want to hear. I don't like most rap, country with twang, bluegrass, or... that guy, whose name escapes me.

P. Perky. What uplifts you to a state of bounciness?

Pretty flowers. Some music. Getting the right kind of attention without having to demand it. Publication of long-awaited sequels. The first snowfall of a season. "Brown paper packages, tied up with strings" - really, I love getting packages in the mail.

H. Horror. Do you like being scared by fiction? Seek it out?

Not really. I went through a Stephen King phase around 12 or 13, but that was about it. I do read mysteries, and whatever you'd call Jonathan Kellerman's books - psychological thrillers? - which can get scary at times. Horror tends to give me nightmares.

A. Astrology. Hey, baby. What's your sign?

Sun sign, Leo (A more detailed chart is here.) In general, a Leo tends to be strong-willed, hot-tempered, and crave attention; on the positive side, Leo affections and passions can run as hot as the temper, and the strength of will and personality can be translated into leadership. Most of the time, I try to stifle these traits, because I tend to surround myself with lots of other Leos and other dominant/aggressive people, and I value my friendships more than I value success in dominance battles. However, I don't think anyone will argue that this describes me.

N. Normal. What do you think is your biggest deviation from the norm?

Either my mind or my weight. The weight speaks for itself, I hope. As for my mind, I surround myself with like-minded people, many of whom far surpass me. However, if I compare myself to average people, normal people, I can recognize that I am intelligent and well-educated, with a continuing thirst for knowledge, and a great enjoyment of mental games and exercises including wordplay and logic and number puzzles. While that is the norm for my social network, I don't think it is for the population at large.

I. Internet. Which sites/people do you visit/contact every day online?

Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Livejournal. There are others I check frequently, but not daily.

E. Essential. Which of your belongings would you save first in a fire/disaster/thing? We'll assume, after people and the harddrives?

My purse - before the hard drives. Contents of purse include but are not limited to:

Car keys
Office keys
Hand sanitizer
Cell phone
Advil, Sudafed, Rescue Remedy, and bandaids.
Wrist brace and ankle brace
Mini Maglite
Swiss army knife
Checkbook & pen
Emergency sewing kit (note to self, check whether this is full)
Driver's license, passport, and Social Security card
Credit and debit cards
Cash (usually in small amounts)

If the scope of the disaster is such that none of that is useful, then I'm not likely to survive anyway and it doesn't matter what I take. For anything less, the reason I carry all that stuff in my purse is so that I am prepared for as much as possible.

Speaking of preparing for anything, assignment for self: Hypothetically, the disaster is a Katrina-sized hurricane making a direct hit on NYC. Mandatory evacuations won't be ordered until 24 hours before the strike, but by 48 hours before, it's clear what is going to happen. My boss has already left town and declared the office closed for the duration. I want to get as far as possible (this seems like a good time to go visit Monica) as fast as possible, before the roads get any more congested than they undoubtedly already are. Keeping in mind that I may never see again the things I leave behind, what do I load in my car? I should make a list, print it out, and keep it in a safe place, to save time if something like that ever actually happens.

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