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Where I've been

Okay, so, catching up a bit.

My boss's father died on the morning of Thursday, June 15. The work week consequently became a bit peculiar. On the one hand, it was quiet, and most people don't pressure us for answers on anything after hearing the news. On the other hand, it's not a fun thing to tell people. The office was closed Tuesday for the funeral, although by the time we cleaned up the luncheon and stopped back at the office to deal with urgent messages, it was very nearly the normal length of a workday. With any luck, things should be getting back to normal this week.

2006 Life Events Score: Weddings 2, Funerals 2.

An old acquaintance from my hometown, sydneycat, found this journal last week. We had been friends mostly in the 5-8 grade range, and had already drifted apart by high school, so it's unlikely that anyone would have heard me mention her before. I'm happy to see what she's up to, though.

My car was up for state inspection this month, so I had it to the mechanic on Friday. I've been putting it off, because generally this means a large repair bill before it will pass. When Carl called around lunchtime, I was expecting to hear the damages, not that it had passed without any work at all! I'm very excited by this. Both Carl and Amy told me they weren't surprised, since I'd just done all that work last year. That didn't sound right to me, either time I heard it. LJ to the rescue - unless someone's been changing the dates of my entries, I am correct, and it was spring and fall of 2004 that I did the big repairs, not 2005. I feel justified in my delight now.

This weekend was apparently the weekend for things to happen. I declined the invitation to the party in CT, and I lost track of the other things that were going on. However, leftsphenoid is in the area, so I was at the party in her honor, along with most of the usual suspects. It turned out that turtle_morn and N were also down that weekend, and could come as well. It's always good to see them.

Yesterday, Charles visited as well. Because of the various schedules involved, I ended up spending a couple of hours with him without anyone else around. This was... interesting. For the most part, the good kind of interesting, because I do like to have my assumptions challenged from time to time, and goodness knows he's the person to go to if you want anything challenged. Besides, there's nothing like hanging out with Charles to make me feel like a girly-girl - despite the fact that I was the one who turned on the auto race.

The next two weeks look to be busy. I'll be in Doylestown Saturday for a haircut, in Woodbridge on Sunday for a wedding, working on Monday, then likely back to Doylestown for the 4th. The following weekend I'm supposed to be at a gaming session on Saturday, and then Sunday I'm going to K&G's. Yet I still think of myself as a quiet and non-social person. Challenge my assumptions, indeed.
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