Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

My Ebay account got hijacked.

No, not a spoof email, and I didn't do a stupid and click on a spoof, either. Someone honest-to-goodness got into my account and started listing Chanel handbags for sale.

Fortunately for me, I saw the first confirmation emails almost immediately, and was actively canceling listings and changing passwords and waiting for the Ebay live chat support team while the asshat was still putting up listings. Trying to do all this AT WORK was not pleasing to me, but it was clearly something that couldn't wait.

All better now (thank you, Bryce B.), since it very obviously wasn't me and I did all the right things to stop it right away. The listings are canceled from the Ebay side as well, and the fees have been credited back to my account - fortunately, no bank or credit accounts were associated, and it was just the Ebay account that could be affected.

I noticed on the change messages from the actions I was taking that they registered what IP I am at. I hope they log the IPs on listings as well, and that they followed up and managed to catch the asshat.

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