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I went down to Doylestown on Friday night, June 30, to hang out with amy_pearlman and blackfog. We watched National Treasure, which I had wanted to see primarily because Sean Bean is in it. Once I suspended my disbelief, with the help of a construction-worthy crane, I enjoyed it very much.

Saturday morning was quiet and relaxing. I did some laundry and read a book, while the others did their own things in other rooms. I went off to get my hair cut, which I'd been eagerly anticipating for some time. After I returned, Amy and I went out to run some errands. We tried to take three boxes of books to the used bookstore, but it turned out that the store only buys in even-numbered months - and this was the first of July, of course. We'll have to remember to try again in August. Then we stopped at Lowes and Target. Back at the house, Amy installed a new vent in the laundry room (and I handed her things), and then we put together a bookcase for her bedroom books. Then I drove home.

oidhche picked me up Sunday morning, and we drove to Woodbridge for Nici and Eric's wedding. The ceremony itself was largely unintelligible to me, as I don't know Hebrew, and the English parts seemed to be more of a summary than a translation. I was amused by the "how many people can they fit under a chuppah?" game. The reception was a lot of fun, with good food and good conversation and dancing. Afterward, Oid and I, and Gloria, went up to jaedeth and C's hotel room and hung out for a while longer, doing college-like things such as team tickle fights and reading fanfic aloud.

2006 Life Events Score: Weddings 3, Funerals 2.

I ended up having Monday off, and since I hadn't known ahead of time, I had nothing planned for the day. Instead of running errands or doing housework or anything useful, I just lounged around and caught up on my rest and relaxation, and then drove back down to Doylestown.

July 4th was a small-scale party at the House of Pearlman, featuring only amy_pearlman and blackfog, me, demongrey and museasylum626, daernhelm, and talanos. We grilled a large quantity of food, finishing just before the rain started. I stayed far later than I should have, but the lure of high-def fireworks was too great to resist. Of course, HD fireworks were not easy to achieve! We all complained quite a bit, which I'm told is traditional for the Philly area, and Amy spent much of the time composing emails to networks and sponsors about our disappointment. Despite the griping, I really did enjoy both what I saw, and spending the time with my friends.

Then I came home and worked for three days. The computer issues have not yet been satisfactorily resolved, in my opinion. Joe says he is going to get an external hard drive for me to use for the backups, so I can stop burning CDs. This does not reassure me, as he also said this two years ago. As far as I know, there are no current plans to replace the server. *sigh* We do, however, have a new shredder.

Then this Saturday I was back to PA, for roleplaying adventures in the Korean War. I would sum up the events of the game in two questions: "Would you jump off a cliff just because everyone else is doing it?" and "Where shall we sleep, North Korea or China?"

On Sunday, I drove to K&G's. soupkills and calloocallay were also there. It was a beautiful day, and we wanted to spend it outside. We went over to the Princeton battlefield and wandered around for a while, first reading all the plaques and signs, then going for a walk in the woods. The long grass made me wish I'd worn my jeans and a different pair of shoes, but it was really too warm for anything but shorts.

Back at their house, Emily and I sat out in the yard to work on a crossword puzzle we’d started earlier. This is when I had an experience that clearly demonstrates the strange rate at which my brain processes different sorts of stimuli. You see, while this was obviously not the correct order of events, it came through like this:

* I heard a loud thwack.
* I head Emily start yelling at Chris.
* I spotted something moving very fast out of the corner of my eye.
* I reasoned that the guys must have started playing catch with the frisbee (actually a ring with a different name which escapes me), and it must have hit a tree or something.
* I turned to face Chris.
* I realized that there was no tree in the appropriate location.
* I saw the horrified look on his face.
* I felt the impact of something hitting the corner of my jaw, HARD, and bouncing off along my neck and away.
* I finally figured out that the frisbee had hit ME, which was why Emily was quite so irate and Chris quite so horrified, and started to giggle.
* I reassured everyone that I was OK, just don't let it happen again.
* Then I felt some pain.

Got that? It sorts by type! Auditory immediately, then visual, then tactile after a delay. And I had time for a physical response to the auditory stimuli before the tactile stimuli registered. (And people wonder why I have issues with balance and coordination?) I find this fascinating. I'm curious whether it always works like that for me, or just when there's a lot to process in a brief moment. Okay, this may not be as exciting for everyone else, but learning how my brain works is very interesting for me.

...anyway, we moved our chairs to a different part of the yard, behind an actual tree.

We grilled much good food. It would never have occurred to me to try grilling fresh peaches, but we did. Sliced, they make a phenomenal ice cream topping.

Then, eventually, I made my way home.
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