Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

I have been instructed to advise that: Anyone who wants to put something into a package to leftsphenoid should get it to amy_pearlman by next weekend.

It was a good weekend, even if nothing went as I planned. Originally, I'd meant to spend the weekend at home, getting an oil change on Saturday and looking at an apartment with johnstevensaul on Sunday.

Then I found myself driving to PA on Friday night.

In the long run, it just made more sense that way. Amy had shopping she needed to do, and I had shopping I needed to do. We talked about meeting halfway, but I thought about the stores I wanted, and it really made more sense for me to do it in PA anyway. In addition, while I'm hardly going to stop shopping in protest of the sales tax increase, I feel better about having been out of state for the first day.

However, I didn't find any of the things I was looking for. I'm particularly disappointed that I couldn't find a pair of sandals that I liked to replace the pair that had to be retired after the previous weekend. Also, it appears that the mall shoe store chain that I liked has gone out of business. On the upside, we stopped into Kohl's on a whim, and discovered that it's a very good store for both of us, especially when everything is on a very big sale.

I meant to go back home then, but my laundry wasn't done, so I went along to demongrey and museasylum626's apartment for dinner and board games. I was not doing very well, but that may be because I was repeatedly distracted by the kitten, Sir Percival Stumblebutt. Percy is about three months old, if I'm remembering correctly, so he's just a little thing, although not as teensy as when they got him. He's a hyper bundle of kinetic energy, and he just LOVES chasing feathers. So, every time I stopped waving the feathers for too long, he tried to get my attention. MA says he was just trying to jump into my lap and missing because it was too high, and it meant he liked me. If I'd been wearing jeans, he would have gotten his claws into the jeans and climbed up, and we both would have been happier. However, I was wearing shorts, so he kept hitting my skin, causing me to squawk and move, and him to fall down. It worked for him, though, because every time he got me, I picked up the feathers to distract him from trying again.

I drove home Sunday morning, so I could look up directions and find my camera and all those other good things. I ended up getting to the apartment complex rather early, but fortunately I had a book in the car to occupy me until John and his BF arrived. [1]

The apartment was OK. Not bad, but not impressive either. I could live there, and if we don't find anything better we might still end up there, but it just didn't feel like The Right Answer. We agreed to look around at some other places and see if something else makes us happier. John's already researched several other options, one of which I really liked from what they have online. Because he needs to give two months' notice, that means we'd now be looking at October 1 instead of September 1, but that's fine with me if it means I'm happier about where we go.

I never did get the oil change, or find sandals, or do my grocery shopping, but I did accomplish most of the rest of my goals for the weekend, so I feel pretty good about myself right now.


[1] Speaking of which, it seems it's not just on a large scale that saying "never" or "impossible" is a guarantee that the thing will happen. When I stopped at home, I had too much to carry inside in one trip. I considered making a second trip to bring in the laundry basket and clean out the car, but thought "Nah, there's no way I'll need to put people in my car between now and when I come home again." Sure enough, all three of us got in my car to go from the rental office to the unit we were looking at. I think I need to learn how to use reverse psychology on Fate.

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