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We got the apartment!

It's in Madison just off Ridgedale, very near where I'm living right now. The website is here. We're in the Ridgedale Gardens portion (bottom of the page). The layout is the mirror image of the 2nd floor two-bedroom they show.

The kitchen was remodeled just before the current tenant moved in, so everything's in good shape, and it's big enough to work in. It has a DISHWASHER.

There is a linen closet, and a coat closet, and I'll have a great big bedroom closet. Those who have heard my rant will know how exciting this is for me. I am in closet anticipation heaven.

Disadvantages (aside from having a roommate at all, which brings its own set of advantages and disadvantages which I’ve considered separately):

* Second floor. However, the exercise will be good for me. Moving furniture in (and eventually out) may be a pain, but how often can it really be as easy as my current place?

* Only one bathroom. We'll deal.

* There is apparently only one laundry room for the complex, and it's about as far away as possible, and we didn't take a look at it when we looked at the apartment. This isn't ideal, but it's not significantly worse than where I am now. I still know where to find a good laundromat.

We take occupancy October 1. I anticipate moving either the weekend of October 7 or the weekend of October 21, most likely the latter.

I am very, very excited, and happy, and actually looking forward to packing up all my things and moving, even if a lot of stuff will have to go into storage.

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