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Dear Chris

#33 in a series, beginning here and listed here

Dear Chris:

With all the confusions and complications of life, friendship with you is refreshingly straightforward. I have always known exactly where I stand with you. I appreciate that, and it contributes to the value I place on your opinions.

Your enthusiasm for and dedication to your chosen pursuits is memorable. Even when you lie around vegetating, you make an impression -- Amy comments from time to time about the weekend you spent four days straight on her sofa. I said once that you sleep exuberantly, and I have yet to arrive at a more fitting adverb for the joy and satisfaction you radiate from your limp unconscious sprawl. When you are awake and active, it would not surprise me to learn that you could conquer a small country on charm and ingenuity alone, if you happened to want one.

You broaden my horizons. Your eclectic tastes mean that there is always something new I can learn from you. You encourage and enjoy exercising the mind. You also encourage me to push my own limits, and patiently assist me in doing so without pressuring me.

But in friendship there is nothing feigned, nothing pretended, and whatever there is in it is both genuine and spontaneous. -- from Cicero's "De Amicitia" as translated by Andrew P. Peabody.
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