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Where’s Steph? - September Edition

I can't believe it's more than halfway through September already. They say that the older you get, the faster time passes. Weeks already pass in the blink of an eye and two years is a lot like yesterday. How fast will it go thirty years from now?

At the beginning of the month, Labor Day weekend, I went up to MA to visit my parents. Since it was a long weekend, my aunt and uncle drove up from Virginia to collect some furniture that had belonged to my grandparents. It made for a crowded house on Saturday. We also went through Grandma's jewelry, which was much more emotional for me than the furniture was. As well as several nice things, I also went through the loose stuff to find the mate to the earring she had given me last Christmas. The earrings are clip-on, so I will likely never wear them, and they and the matching bracelet are ugly and dated and not at all my style. Still, they were the last gift Grandma gave me during her lifetime, and so they are very important to me. She knew, at the time, that she had only a few months left, and she told me to look for the missing earring when we divided up her stuff after she died. I... It was a very emotional experience, sad and happy and loving and grieving.

The next day, after Anne and Chris left, my mom found some photo albums from my dad's family in response to some questions I'd had. The only picture of my father's mother which I'd really seen before was my parents' wedding picture. I've always been told I take after her, but had no way of knowing. I can believe it now that I've seen some pictures. I don't really look like her, but I do have her build, and I also do bear resemblance to the long line of German [1] women before her.

I spent the following weekend in PA. I had promised jaedeth a party, and with the help of museasylum626 and demongrey, I delivered. I was considerably surprised when most of us trooped off to a playground for a little while. I'm a little out of practice at spontaneous play. I think that everyone had fun, though. Thanks again to MA and DG for opening up their home; I really appreciate it.

This past Saturday, I went into NYC with caniswolfie and M to calloocallay's book swap birthday party. I took a bagful of books, and returned home with only one, which already belonged to me. I was really glad I went, but I was even more glad to leave - there were too many people I didn't know in too small a space, with not enough people I knew well. Even though I'm much better at social events and meeting strangers than I used to be, I'm still not really cut out for that kind of thing.

Wolfie, M and I had dinner at a restaurant near Times Square. We took the subway, and I determined that public transit from where I live to Emily is so easy that even I could manage it, all by myself. Next time.

I stayed home on Sunday! I still haven't gotten very far on actually packing, but I sorted through most of the rest of my clothing. I have a huge pile to drop in the local donation bins. I'm also making progress on throwing away useless things. Some things are easy - if a dress I never really liked makes me feel like a sausage squeezed into its casing when I try it on, it's time to donate. However, the T-shirt from my state's delegation to my first NJCL convention has so much sentimental value that I don't want to throw it out even though it's got enough holes to put Swiss cheese to shame. It's in the trash now, but I have to be strong and not rescue it before putting everything out for collection tonight.

On the apartment front, I now know my future address, and the super told John we should be getting the lease by the end of this week. Once I have keys, I'll send out an address change message and a request for moving assistance. Please come help me!

Meanwhile, I ordered a new dress (since almost all the old ones are going away), and I'm insecure about it. It fits correctly, but I can't decide if a) the cut makes me look fatter than I am; b) it makes me look fatter than I think I am because I am that fat and clothing can't work miracles; or c) it looks fine and I just think it makes me look fat because I don't like how I look. Of course I'm hoping for option c while expecting b, but if it's a, I need to return it and try again elsewhere.

I curse the man [3] who made it possible for me to get hooked on television. This season, I'm following six shows on four nights on three networks plus a cable channel.[4][5] I've already missed one episode (last week’s House) for failure to set my VCR when I knew I would be out to dinner. I'm feeling envious of those with TiVo or DVR. Note to self: I need to program my VCR to record all the shows, every week, and just stop it or rewind the tape when I'm home. [6]

Work is a bit more stable, which is good. I never did write the locked post about what was going on, but I think everyone got the general idea. I've been busy working, though, which is why I've been writing a lot less. Overall that is probably a good thing. For now, Situation Normal.


[1] That is, "of German heritage". They're all Americans back to at least 1820. However, Daddy's mother's maiden name was Koch. Her mother was a Reifsnyder. Her mother was a Geist. I usually say that my ancestry is 25% German[2], but it's probably slightly more than that, because this quarter is almost entirely German and there's some from other lines as well.

[2] 65% English, 25% German, 10% other, including Swiss, Welsh, French, and probably Irish and Scottish. I could probably call it 70% British and 30% Germanic and be nearly as accurate.

[3] oidhche. So, a mild curse, then.

[4] Monday, NBC at 10, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Tuesday, Fox at 8, House, M.D. Wednesday, Fox at 8, Bones; Fox at 9, a legal drama about high-profile LA defense attorneys (I can't be too attached if I can't remember its name, but I'm already on the station with an hour to kill, so it's right there); and Bravo at 10, Project Runway - which should only be running for about another month. Thursday, CBS at 9, CSI. Also, Grey's Anatomy is now running opposite CSI; if it were on at any other time I would probably be following it as well. [5][6]

[5] daernhelm, this is why you can't get hold of me any more. It's a stupid reason and I suck. If I program the VCR to catch all of it, I'll start answering the phone again. [6]

[6] If you think this is ridiculous, you're not alone. I agree wholeheartedly. It's still what I'm doing.
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