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Here I am

Just a wee bit overwhelmed, much as I expected - and it'll get worse before it gets better, because Ginny's still with us this week. Sort of. I am reading email and LJ, but I'm not responding to much of anything.

The good news of the day is that not only my boss is planning to close the office after the Christmas lunch so we don't have to go back, but he's thinking about staying closed on the 26th. I could, theoretically, go to my parents' for Christmas. Not sure what I'll do. If I'm here, anyone in the area is welcome to stop by, as always.

The cocktail party was a success. I had a good time, although I was getting a little peopled-out by the time we got the stragglers out the door, and we had more overnight guests than I was expecting. However, the massage Sunday evening has done wonders for my tension levels, so I'm in relatively good spirits at present.

Speaking of presents, I did not in fact finish my Christmas shopping over the weekend. I did get most of my planning and ordering done, so it's just a little bit of running around town to do. Plus, of course, the impossible people - but most of those I won't see until sometime in January, so I've got a bit more time to come up with something. I need to figure out what we're doing in the office, though. As with so much else, our usual pattern is going to be considerably disrupted.

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