Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

I just changed this journal to log IP address of anonymous posters. I don't have a problem with random people reading my journal (if I did I'd make things friends-only) but I'm hoping to manage half a shot at figuring out who is commenting. Please don't let this discourage you if you are my unknown audience.

Along the same lines, I'm aware there are a lot more people paying attention to what I'm saying than usual. I'm saying more, for much the same reason. Although I'm starting to wonder if for once, everyone else I know is talking about me just as much as I am...

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    Procrastination Girl has finally emailed the movers she used last time to ask questions about this time. Yay. Please, let all the answers be yes.

  • (no subject)

    *counts to ten* *deep breath* My life is good. The assholes are temporary. My blood pressure doesn't need elevating any further. Crazy landlady…

  • Jumping Off a Cliff

    Tonight I told my boss I was leaving. Not just that I was going home; I tell him that every night. Tonight I also told him I would be leaving his…

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