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I haven't been posting about it, but those who've seen me in person know that I've been very concerned about Madison's mayoral race. Two Council members were on the ballot, but another candidate running as a write-in had a strong enough support base to cause some real concern - and in my opinion, he would have been a disaster as Mayor.

According to the Daily Record this morning, the candidate I prefer won by 62 votes. She polled 43.24% of the votes, and the other candidate on the ballot polled 41.68%. The write-in received 15.09%. (And there was much rejoicing.)

Those are still unofficial results, and we haven't gotten a count by district over from the Borough yet. I wonder if there are enough absentee ballots to make a difference?

Meanwhile, in a completely unrelated matter, never bet against me in a matter of predicting human nature. (Right after "never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.")


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