Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

I still haven’t finished typing up my account of my trip to Rome. This is particularly irritating to me, since I was writing it while I was there.

I'm well into the holiday turmoil. Fortunately, my interest and enthusiasm got a jump start last weekend, when jaedeth and I went with palingyuan and oidhche to pick out their Christmas tree, and then again later that evening as I watched palingyuan decorate the tree. Holiday motivation has been hard to find for the past few years, and with as little time and energy as I've had all this year, I was worried about whether I would get anything accomplished at all. Instead, I'm happy and excited, the way I ought to be.

Of course, my dedication to and interest in my work is suffering slightly in compensation. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. My boss certainly appreciates that I'm letting him leave a little earlier at night!

I have my Christmas cards and stamps, so I just need to print the labels and then I can get them out this weekend. My Christmas shopping is nearly done. Yesterday afternoon I had an hour or so of inspiration, and so I even have things picked out for the difficult people. Everything I can order online has been ordered, and I should be able to run to stores for the rest in the next few days.

I really want to bake this year. I haven't done much baking for a couple of years, because I don’t eat many cookies to begin with. I never even finished the cookies my mom brought me last Christmas. (Note to self: if I do bake, be sure to tell Mom not to bring me any.) This year, I plan to give cookies away as gifts for some local people, and will probably foist the rest off on friends.

At work, I've started the process for getting the Christmas cards approved. I still need to find time to get the tree up, though. I might try to get the stuff down from the attic after lunch today, if there's time before Toni leaves.

My boss already announced that we're going to be closed Christmas Eve. I'm looking forward to that nice long weekend. Of course, I would be even happier to have New Year's Eve off, but somehow I don't think I'll get that lucky.
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