Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

First good thing: Last night at the grocery store, I discovered that I could buy clementines individually, instead of in a 5-pound box. They cost twice as much, but I don't have to throw any away. I’ve been wishing for this for years!

Second good thing: FedEx says my new cell phone is on the truck for delivery today. It will be a better thing when it is here and I get it working.

First bad thing: More snow coming. I'm already starting to get things together for my boss to take home with him tonight. He won't be in tomorrow, even if I can get down here.

Third good thing: Toni went to the new doctor yesterday, so now I know what to expect on Friday. However, Second bad thing: I need to get my act together and locate all my information I gathered a while back about family medical history and my own health issues. I really hope I didn’t save anything important on the desktop. I think it's all in LJ and Gmail, though.

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