Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

My hate for computers is growing.

The desktop died a month ago, as I've mentioned here before. It was unfortunate but not entirely unexpected, as it's had problems from the start. The laptop is old and sluggish and had been scheduled for replacement this spring anyway.

On Sunday, Amy helped me figure out what I needed to buy to replace both computers, and then I put in the information to place the order. I want to ship to my work address, not to home, because the last thing I want is for them to deliver to my wet, leaky front steps on a day like today. (Besides, someone has to sign for them.) The website informed me that I should notify my credit card company to add the shipping address to my account, because otherwise they cannot process the order. I called my credit card company and explained the situation, and they told me they did what was necessary. Then I put the order in.

Yesterday, I got an email from the computer company, saying that they couldn't verify the shipping address with my credit card company, and I needed to call them and add it. *sigh* So, yesterday evening I called the credit card company and explained exactly what I was trying to do, in more detail. They updated my account. Supposedly. I sent an email back to the computer company telling them that I had called a second time, and to please try it again, and if it didn't work this time to let me know, and I would see if my other credit card company was smarter. I'm waiting to hear back. I'm guessing I'll get that email around 5:00 tonight. It can never be easy, y'know?

Meanwhile, in the last 3 days, my laptop seems to have acquired a massive quantity of spyware and possibly worse. I'm alternating between anti-virus scans and anti-spyware scans, every time I'm near it, but it doesn't seem to be helping. I have no idea how I picked this stuff up. The only change to my usual habits in the last few days was starting to playing Hammerfall on Facebook, and I think my computer professional friends who got me into it would have told me if that were horribly infested. I think the laptop is angry that I'm replacing it, and went searching for a way to get revenge.

So, now the laptop is mostly unusable as well, and it'll be roughly three weeks from whenever the order finally get processed before I get the replacement computers. I am Not Best Pleased. Thank goodness for internet at work.

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