September 16th, 2003

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Dear Kathryn:

Dear Kathryn: Sometimes the best mother is someone else's. I have always been lucky enough to have all the choir moms to fill in the gaps for me. Most of all, I owe you my thanks for being a good enough friend, to both me and my mother, to nag me about all the things I refused to hear from my own parents in the last six months before I left for college. I was an insufferable ass to my own family, but I still valued your opinion enough that I did the things I needed to so that you wouldn't sound disappointed in me.
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I am so goddamn frustrated.

The harder I work, the more I take on, the more I try to make things easier for everyone else, the more likely I am to screw up. No kidding. More chance to do so. But I am so fucking sick of being treated like an incompetent child just because I am just as overwhelmed as everyone else, and concentrating so damn hard on not screwing up the big stuff that I let some of the little stuff slide.

And I know the answer is to look for a new job. I'm working on my resume. But that doesn't make it suck any less to have my job make me want to cry every single fucking day. Especially the days when I am working my ass off.
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Still cranky and frustrated

And I can't even pack up and go home. I'm staying late tonight and taking a short lunch tomorrow because I'm leaving early tomorrow evening.

At least the King of Passive-Aggressive acknowledged that he's cranky today and snapping at people. You know, I used to think that passive-aggressive was just a new pop-psych term that means nothing. Then I started working for one.

Thank God for LJ, the safe place to vent...