August 5th, 2004

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Well, today's shaping up to suck royally.

Got a call from opposing counsel on an emergent matter. This type of matter is generally heard on the same day the judge gets around to looking at it. The attorney said: the hearing in the XYZ matter is set for 3:30 in Judge Q's courtroom. He did NOT say "tomorrow" or "Friday" or any other useful words like that. So, I'm now in trouble because I didn't ask that, since every other time we've ever gotten this kind of call it's been same-day.

My watch broke. Again. The plastic that holds the pin that attaches the watch to the band cracked. Again. I know this is what I get for only wearing $10 sports watches from Target, but I *like* sports watches. I wish I could figure out what causes this particular problem, though.

I was actually in a good mood this morning when I left the house, and until about 10:30 I was even being fairly productive. My motivation has now stalled out.